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A blog all about London and the UK, including lots of information and inspiration on British gifts and souvenirs from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Best Roads in Scotland for a Road TripSet off on a Scottish road trip adventure with this guide for a seamless journey, tips, routes like the North Coast 500, and the perks of motorhome travel.

Embracing History and Modernity: The Allure of London BridgeLondon Bridge, often overshadowed by Tower Bridge, is a landmark rich in history and significance. Here’s why it deserves a spot on your travel itinerary.

How London's Transport Networks Are Embracing SustainabilityWhether you live in London, or considering a visit, there are many sustainable transport options you can take advantage of when travelling around the city.

Seek Out the Ideal Memento or Gift from London's Beloved LandmarksWelcome to the world of quintessential London souvenirs and gifts. London, a city rich in history and culture, offers an array of captivating keepsakes.

5 Things to Do in Yorkshire During the Winter MonthsThere are attractions to visit all year round in Yorkshire that are suitable no matter the weather, with many different towns and cities to explore.

The Evolution of British Newspaper Design: A Typographical JourneyExplore the multifaceted evolution of British newspaper design since the 17th Century and the pivotal role fonts have played in shaping their visual identity.

A Taste of London's Splendour: Unveiling Capital BeautyTo walk through London is to stroll through a live gallery of history, art, and a multicultural tapestry that offers a delightful indulgence to the senses.

How Britain Became A World Leader In Ceramic Tile ProductionExplore Britain’s journey to becoming a global leader in ceramic tile production, from its historical origins to modern trends and future prospects.

Wanderlust Treasures: Unveiling the Craftsmanship of Global SouvenirsBeyond the sights and local delicacies, there's another great aspect of travel: souvenirs. Keepsakes allow us to carry a piece of our journeys back home.

Flavours of Britain: 5 Must-Try Dishes When Visiting LondonLondon is home to some of the world's most delicious and unique dishes such as traditional British classics like fish and chips as well as bangers and mash.

Discovering Cultural London: The Most Diverse Places to VisitFrom Brixton's Afro-Caribbean community to Southall's Sikh culture, explore the delights of London's multiculturalism through these diverse neighbourhoods.

Creative Ideas for Lasting Wedding Day SouvenirsAs some couples want to take a memento home as a reminder of their special day, here are tips and creative ways you can create lasting wedding souvenirs.

The History of the London Bus: From Horse-Drawn Carriages to Electric VehiclesDiscover the fascinating history of the iconic London bus, from its humble beginnings as a horse-drawn carriage to the latest electric models.

Van Life: How to Prepare for an Amazing Road TripIf you're a first-timer at van life, we'll help you be ready for it by providing a list of things that you'll need in order to have a wonderful journey.

Student Dubai Visa: Travelling to Dubai for Study PurposesWhat is a Dubai student visa? Complete Guide: Apply for your Dubai student visa from the UK, check the requirements, processing time, easy steps, and more.

Top Reasons to Launch a Business in SpainSpain is a business destination that offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The country is home to many large corporations and has a strong economy.

Best 5 Souvenirs on a Student BudgetCheck out the 5 best souvenirs you can get if you are an undergrad on a budget, with advice based on the review of feedback from thousands of students.

9 Tips How to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable and ComfortableTravelling may be tiresome when you spend a lot of time on the road or in an airport. So let's consider tips on how to make your trip as easy as possible.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to ChinaLearn about China, a wonderful country that attracts a lot of tourists regularly. It will pleasantly surprise you with its cuisine, nature, and traditions.

Top 5 British Watch Brands That Make Awesome GiftsBritish watch brands have a long-standing reputation for producing excellent timepieces that make great gifts. Here are the top five British watch brands.

Best 5 Holiday Destinations in the UK for StudentsContrary to popular belief, London is not the only place in the UK to have fun if you want to explore the options that will definitely make you inspired!

5 Best Souvenirs to Buy in LondonWe've come up with some of the most desirable English tea, chocolates, and souvenirs in London. Get your British money in order and let the shopping begin.

How To Display Your Travel Souvenirs In Your HomeDisplaying souvenirs is a great conversation starter when you have guests. Here are some great tips for to displaying your love for adventure in your home.

What to Bring Back Home From Your Europe TourBuying gifts for your friends and family can be difficult, but you will be spoilt for choice when looking for suitable gifts while travelling in Europe.

4 Outfit Ideas For A Night Out In LondonIf you’re heading to London and are trying to plan ahead your outfits, you’re in the right place!

Capturing A Holiday: Creative Ways To Remember A Beloved TripFor those looking to capture a holiday, here are a few creative ways to help remember a beloved trip including scents, meals, scrapbooks, and memory boxes.

4 Different Areas Of London For You To ExploreLondon is a fantastic city with so much to offer, including these amazing areas that never disappoint when explored; Camden, Covent Garden and Hyde Park.

The Best Selling Souvenirs from All Over the WorldFrom Japanese origami papers to Canadian maple syrup, we present you with a list of the best souvenirs from around the world.

Why Coasters Are A Versatile Gift and SouvenirPersonalised coasters are a unique gift idea for weddings, baby showers, restaurant openings, and more, and are sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Unique Souvenirs For Students To Get In LondonTo have nice memories of your trip, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for yourself and as gifts for friends. Here is the list of what you can get in London.

What Can You Do for a Day Out in Yorkshire?If you want to visit Yorkshire anytime soon, we will give you an overview of what you can do on a great day out in one of Britain's most historic counties.

What to Gift Your Loved Ones When on a BudgetFinding a gift for a loved one while on a budget isn't easy, so we've compiled suggestions of gifts guys actually want to help you in your decision-making.

How to Enjoy a Singles Ski Holiday in EuropeGoing on a solo ski adventure may seem daunting even if you’re a seasoned professional, find out how to make the most out of a solo skiing trip in Europe.

7 Things to Know Before Flying with a PetDue to restrictions, flying with your pet may seem near impossible. However, about 78% of Americans travel with their pets. If they can, so can you.

The Ultimate Travel Packing GuideEven if you are a seasoned traveller or venturing abroad for the first time, it can take a lot of time and effort to master the art of packing your bags.

A Walk Around London's Student CampusesIf you are searching for a suitable academic institution in London, it is worth walking around different student campuses to select the right spot.

Benefits of Studying in London for International StudentsLondon is a fun city, with a rich history and a diverse community. With its safe environment and reputable educational institutes, many students choose to study here.

7 Non-Touristy Places to Visit in LondonTraveling to London is one of the most exciting experiences that does not only leave unforgettable memories but also helps to broaden people's outlook.

Letterbox Gifts from LondonLetterbox gifts are the ideal solution for sending a hand-picked selection of souvenirs with a personalised message, designed to fit through the letterbox.

Sights and Souvenirs from England and the UKHere is a simple breakdown of some of the top sights in the UK and their matching souvenirs.

Best Union Jack Merchandise for Selfie IdeasA great way to make your photos more unique is to don some Union Jack clothing or pick up some Union Jack merchandise.

Top 5 London Souvenirs and Gift Ideas InfographicHigh-quality, attractive gifts are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who receives them.

The History of Union Flag InfographicAn infographic explaining the origins of the Union flag which dates back to 1603.

Where to Stay in London: Hotels and Bed and BreakfastsFrom world-renowned five-star hotels to family-oriented and budget accommodation options, there is somewhere suitable in London for everyone to stay.

London Walking ToursDiscover London and explore the highlights of the British capital by taking a guided walking tour.

How to Buy the Right UK SouvenirsWhile on holiday, you may not want to spend a lot of time thinking of what to buy in the UK gift shops and would much prefer to head on to the main attractions and sights of wherever you may be staying.

Top 10 Pink London Souvenirs and Gifts for GirlsPink is a cool colour! It represents unconditional love, caring, nurturing and gentleness. Check out our top 10 pink souvenirs and gifts for girls, ladies and anyone else who loves pink!

What Everybody Ought to Know About the Red London Double Decker BusRecognised all around the world as one of London's principal icons, the red double decker bus is a well known symbol of the British capital and provides a fast, inexpensive and convenient way to get around the city.

The Rich History of Tower Bridge in LondonAlong with Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge tops the UK’s list of iconic architectural structures that make up London’s stunning skyline.

16 Interesting facts about London Big BenOne of London's most symbolic landmarks and a prominent feature of the capital's iconic skyline, the Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of Westminster is a main sightseeing attraction visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Best of Royal Souvenirs from LondonOver the past few of years, London has been home to some very important events that have made history, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating 60 years of the Queen’s reign and the Royal Weddings.

How to Have an Awesome Hen Weekend in IrelandHere are some hen party ideas and tips that can help anyone plan for an awesome hen weekend in Ireland.

I Love London Souvenirs and English Gifts You Need This ChristmasThis classic range of I Love London souvenirs includes a multitude of great giftware from sweatshirts to pin badges, all featuring the I Love London slogan.

Iconic Symbols of London: Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London EyeLondon is home to many famous architectural landmarks which attract millions of tourists every year, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

How to Experience the Best of LondonWe have put together some of the best ideas you can try which are essential to the visiting London experience.

Top Ten Tips for Learning English VocabularyThe top ten helpful tips for learning English vocabulary. Here are some tips to improve English learning.

Where to Buy The Best British Souvenirs in LondonThe word souvenir is a French word meaning memory or remembrance. Souvenirs can also be called mementos, keepsakes or tokens of remembrance and can be any object that someone keeps hold of.

10 Great Ideas for London Souvenirs and GiftsLondon is loved by tourists and many like to take home souvenirs from their holiday. Whether you are in search of the perfect Union Jack handbag or looking for an ideal reminder of a trip to London, there is something here for you.

21 London Souvenir Ideas and Great Gifts for Under £10While a tenner is not a lot of money, it is a reasonable amount to spend on a decent gift, and there are all kinds of gift ideas and gifts from London that can be purchased for less than £10.

Wholesale London SouvenirsIf you want to place a large order for souvenirs, whether it is for a corporate event or simply to obtain a bulk purchase discount, we can arrange that for you.