Top 5 British Watch Brands That Make Awesome Gifts

A nice watch is a timeless gift to show your appreciation. British watch brands have a long-standing reputation for producing excellent timepieces that make great gifts.

Here, we've rounded up the top British watch brands with an impressive range of gift options to choose from.

1. Bremont Watches

This British brand creates precision watches for both men and women with a distinctly vintage feel. Their signature aviation collection brings together classic designs with modern materials and technology, making it an excellent gift choice. Complement it with Horus Straps for brand watches for a greater look. Prices start from around £2,000.

2. Christopher Ward

Founded by three friends in 2004, this luxury London-based watch brand produces stylish wristwatches at accessible prices. All timepieces are produced ethically and responsibly in Switzerland. The range includes sophistication and sporty styles to suit any taste, starting from around £199.

3. Briston

Renowned for its playful and colourful designs, Briston is the brainchild of French designer Laurent Guez. The British luxury watch brand specialises in unisex timepieces. They are made with premium materials such as titanium and steel. Prices start from around £320.

4. William Wood Watches

For those looking for the gift of a unique British watch, William Wood watches are handmade in the UK. The brand has an unconventional history and offers a range of classic styles with an added twist. Each watch is made from sustainable wood, and they look not only great but also feel comfortable to wear. Prices start from around £280.

5. Cabot Watch Company (CWC)

CWC produces military British watches with a modern twist. The company offers an extensive range of gift watch collections for both men and women, and prices start from around £220. All the timepieces are Swiss-made using robust materials such as stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass.

What to Look for When Choosing a Gift Watch - The Buyer's Guide

- Think about the style of timepiece that would suit the person you’re buying for. Does he/she prefer traditional or contemporary styles?

- Consider your budget - gift watches can range from luxury ones that cost hundreds of pounds to more affordable mid-range watches.

-Research the quality and durability of the watch before making your purchase - is it resistant to water or shock? Pay attention to the material of the watch – leather, stainless steel or otherwise.

- Pay attention to details such as design and colour – these can be key factors when finding the perfect gift watch. Pick a timepiece that would fit your receiver's lifestyle. Consider sporty watches for the active types and classy ones for those who are into fashion.

- Water resistance is a must-have for active people and those who love travelling, so make sure to check the water-resistance rating.

- Think about the size of the watch – it should be comfortable to wear and fit your gift receiver’s wrist.

- Make sure the piece you're considering comes with a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are British Watches Good?

Yes, British watches are of great quality. They are made with top-shelf materials and provide superior craftsmanship as compared to other watch brands.

Are British Watches Expensive?

British watches can range from affordable to expensive, depending on the features and materials used. However, there are many watch manufacturers that produce high-quality watches at a reasonable price point.

How to Wrap a Gift Watch?

It is important to carefully wrap the gift watch so that it will be safe and secure. You can use gift-wrap paper, tissue paper, ribbon, or other materials to properly wrap the gift watch. Make sure to secure the gift with tape and tie a decorative bow on top for extra flair. If you need more protection, consider a wooden box or gift box that can be personalised.

British watchmakers craft some of the finest gifts available. From classic leather straps to sophisticated chronographs, there is a gift watch suitable for any occasion. When choosing a timepiece for a gift, consider the design, materials used, and features offered by each brand.

Always check the price before making your purchase and wrap it carefully so that it will arrive safely at its destination. With these tips in mind, you can find the perfect gift piece for anyone on your list.