I Love London Souvenirs and English Gifts you can`t do without this Christmas

I Love London Souvenirs

This classic range of I Love London souvenirs includes a multitude of giftware from sweatshirts and T shirts to gift sets and pin badges, all featuring the distinctive I Love London slogan. This popular design includes a red love heart, usually on a black or white background.I Love London Souvenirs

Union Jack Souvenirs

Classic Union Jack souvenirs such as keyrings, magnets, pens and pencils are great for use as novelties in Union Jack theme parties. Union flags and bunting is ideal for British street parties, while Union Jack clothing can be worn as a funky fashion statement or to show your support at special events.
Union Jack Souvenirs 

Multicoloured Union Jack Souvenirs

The abstract print of this contemporary multicoloured Union Jack design is a superb feature for this current range of UK Flag and British souvenirs. From tea towels and coasters to ash trays and lighters, this colourful variety of British gifts is bound to appeal to people of all ages.Multicoloured Union Jack Souvenirs

Richard Butler Best of British London Souvenirs

These Union Jack gifts incorporate the London skyline on an overlay of the British Union Jack in a very modern and stylised design. Best of British London is a unique and exciting design created by British designer Richard Butler. This exclusive range of souvenirs incorporates iconic London monuments, including Canary Wharf, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, City Hall and Big Ben with the UK flag in a youthful and contemporary layout.Richard Butler Best of British London Souvenirs

Cool Britannia Union Jack Souvenirs

This exclusive range of Union Jack giftware, featuring the Cool Britannia Union Jack Boot, makes for modern and trendy gift ideas and the coolest souvenirs.Cool Britannia Union Jack Souvenirs

Fifty Pound £50 Note Souvenirs

Bank of England Approved, this nifty range of £50 note souvenirs will have you laughing all the way… including stationery, kitchen gifts, fine china, ceramics, bags, key rings, coasters, tea towels and ashtrays.London Fifty Pound £50 Note Souvenirs

Keep Calm in London Souvenirs

Inspired by motivational wartime posters, the Keep Calm theme has become hugely popular, not only the original slogan of Keep Calm and Carry On, but also many variants such as Keep Calm and Drink Tea, thus making this new range of Keep Calm in London merchandise a great idea.Keep Calm in London Souvenirs

London Double Decker Bus Souvenirs

The red Double Decker bus is a famous icon of London and well-liked by many. Red bus souvenirs are highly popular and ideal as collector’s items. After all, when you think of London, red buses are one of the first things that spring to mind.London Double Decker Bus Souvenirs

London Telephone Box Souvenirs

Apart from the architectural structures of London which have a great historical significance, you will find just as many tourists in London taking the opportunity to have a photo with a red telephone box. These small structures get just as much attention and there are all kinds of keepsakes and gifts featuring these popular English telephone booths and kiosks.London Telephone Box Souvenirs

London Post Box Souvenirs

Another famous icon is the red post box or pillar box. There is a variety of souvenirs and trinkets including money boxes cleverly designed as British mail boxes and die cast metal models.London Post Box Souvenirs

London Black Taxi Souvenirs

The iconic London Black cab is recognised worldwide as a symbol of London and diecast metal model taxis are great to give as gifts from London along with Routemaster bus models and Mini Cooper model cars, also making a superb addition to any die cast metal model collection.London Black Taxi Souvenirs

London Beefeater Souvenirs

The Yeoman Warders, guards of the tower of London and protectors of the crown jewels, are affectionately known as Beefeaters. This was probably due to the fact that up until the 1800s, they were paid part of their wages with pieces of beef. Dressed in their well-known uniforms, a Beefeater is colourful icon of London and features in many souvenir items.London Beefeater Souvenirs

London Royal Guard Souvenirs

Royal Guards are the personal bodyguards of the Queen and can be seen in their splendid Bearskin hats at the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace every day. They also take part in the Trooping of the Colours and the Horseguard Parade. Royal Guards are one of the main iconic symbols of London and liked by many people.London Royal Guard Souvenirs

London Policeman Souvenirs

Along with the Guardsmen and Beefeaters of London, the British policeman, dressed in his handsome blue uniform is also a popular icon. Also known as Bobbies, since 1829 when Robert Peel set up the first organised London police service. British bobby souvenirs are ideal presents from England.London Policeman Souvenirs