Letterbox Gifts from London

Sending a gift to your nearest and dearest has never been easier with the latest concept of letterbox gifts.

What are Letterbox Gifts?

Letterbox gifts are the ideal solution for sending a hand-picked selection of souvenirs with a personalised message, designed to fit through the letterbox perfectly, just like the regular mail.

Why Send Letterbox Gifts?

Letterbox gifts are a great idea for sending someone a surprise through the post. They are also ideal for when you are unavailable to receive parcel deliveries or during lockdowns when many people prefer contactless delivery options.

Receiving a letterbox gift, either as a surprise or even one that you have ordered for yourself, is a much-needed pick-me-up gift and will be a delightful present for anyone who gets it.

Convenience is another big factor when it comes to sending gifts through the post. Not only do letterbox gifts adhere to Royal Mail's large letter guidelines which enables them to be conveniently delivered through your door, but they are also filled with preselected souvenirs and gift items so you don't have to worry about what will fit in the box and what won't.

Letterbox Gifts and Souvenirs from London

As letterbox gifts contain a hand-picked selection of souvenirs, the options are endless. They can be personalised with a message to give your gift an extra unique touch too. Here are some of the many ideas for letterbox gifts that can be sent from London to anywhere around the world.

Send chocolates from London to your friends and family in a letterbox gift that is designed to fit through your letterbox with ease. We stock all the popular British chocolate brands such as Cadbury and Terry's.

London-themed letterbox gifts are a cool way to send souvenirs and keepsakes, they can include anything from notebooks and stationery, purses and wallets, tea towels and aprons, and even T-shirts. Choose from a ready-made selection of London letterbox gifts or let us know your requirements and we will make them up for you.

Macramé kits are great for projects that you can do on your own or to send as presents. They contain lengths of macramé cord that can be transformed into beautiful wall hangings, coasters, plant pot hangers, and even Union Jack decorations.

London-themed card-making kits can also be presented in the form of letterbox gifts, and they include everything from cards and envelopes with corresponding embellishments so that you can create your own London cards.

Recipe kits are another great idea for a letterbox gift. If you are currently missing out on curry nights in your favourite restaurant, why not recreate the experience at home with a curry spice recipe kit.