Sights and Souvenirs from England and the UK

The United Kingdom, comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all popular holiday destinations with beautiful natural scenery and historical buildings.

Choosing the right souvenirs from the UK however can be quite a challenge with people either not being able to decide on which souvenir is better or which feature of the holiday was more memorable and worthy of purchasing a keepsake for.

Here is a simple breakdown of some of the top sights in the UK and the matching souvenir (for England, London souvenirs have been mentioned as this is the most popular tourist destination in the country).


English Souvenirs

Here are some of the best souvenirs from London.

Big Ben Big Ben is such a spectacular sight looming over the Houses of Parliament; it’s of no surprise then that it makes a wonderful English Souvenir idea. A Big Ben model is probably the finest way to appreciate such a marvellous landmark as you can have it sitting right in the middle of the mantelpiece (a miniature version of course).

Tower Bridge - Tower Bridge is beautiful but even more so in the snow! Get a Tower Bridge snow globe which makes an excellent decoration. Remember, a snowstorm is for life, not just for Christmas!

The London Eye – The London Eye looks astonishing and you are sure to miss it once you’ve been on or around it, but you can take some of the amazement home with you with a light-up crystal paperweight, a first-rate souvenir from England.

For a combination of the best British souvenirs, a trio of the above three landmarks can all be found combined in the design of several London souvenirs together and there are models of them too.

Buckingham Palace – A prestigious London gift idea is a hand-painted Buckingham Palace magnet that is sure to bring a feel of royalty to your fridge.

The Tower of London –  A historical London tea towel featuring the splendid Tower of London can adorn any kitchen and makes a perfect English gift.

There are many more gifts from London to choose from and if you didn’t spot your favourite landmark yet, there are many more fantastic gifts from England available.


Scottish Souvenirs

“Wherever I wander,
wherever I rove,
The Hills of the Highlands
forever I love.”
-Robert Burns

Edinburgh Castle – A historical and beautiful castle, take its beauty everywhere you go with the Edinburgh Castle key ring.

Scottish piper – Everyone likes the sound of Scottish bagpipes now and again and a Scottish Piper teddy bear complete with his red tartan kilt is simply adorable.

Tartan Print – Iconic of Scotland and stunning in its own right, the tartan print is stylish and looks fabulous on a Scottish tartan pen, tea towel, or bag.

West Highland White Terrier – Super cute and delightful, nothing beats a Westie plush as a cherishable gift from Scotland for a child or dog lover.

Loch Ness – Behold the Loch Ness monster, on a souvenir fridge magnet that is. Bring the mystery of the Loch to your fridge door with a Nessie magnet.


Irish Souvenirs

Including both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which isn’t officially part of the United Kingdom but there’s no harm in sharing the love…

Shamrock – Symbolic of Ireland and looks great on a t-shirt or bag.

Leprechauns – Maybe they exist, maybe they don’t, but leprechauns look great on key rings and bottle openers.

Dublin – The pleasant capital of Ireland has a picturesque skyline making a key chain or magnet look quite pleasant.

Above are some of the best gifts from the UK so you can decide what to buy to match your favourite feature or symbol of the country.


Welsh Souvenirs

Wales has some of the most charming landscapes in the United Kingdom and is a popular holiday destination, even for residents of the UK outside of Wales.

Welsh Dragon – The majestic Welsh Dragon on a key ring or fridge magnet is the epitome of souvenirs from Britain.

Snowdonia – A beautiful landscape that simply can’t be forgotten, store a picture of it in a Welsh souvenir photo frame.

Sheep – Did you know, in Wales, sheep outnumber people three to one?! Get an ultra-cute and cuddly lamb soft toy, a perfectly British gift for a child.

Other gifts from Britain

There are other kinds of British gifts that aren’t representative of one country but of the United Kingdom as a whole such as Union Jack souvenirs.

Union Jack gifts are very popular and come in all various forms which makes an ideal gift idea for people of all ages as there is something for everyone. From t-shirts and teddy bears to boxers and even rubber ducks and chocolates, when it comes to the Union Jack flag, there isn’t a shortage of superb merchandise.