Best Union Jack Merchandise for Selfie Ideas

In the current age of people taking selfies left, right and centre, some of us have become notorious Instagrammers and social media socialites, and let’s face it; the majority of us do use social media in some sort of way.

A great way to make your photos more unique is to don some Union Jack clothing or pick up some Union Jack merchandise which will not only represent your love for the United Kingdom or celebrate your British heritage, but with the vibrant colours of the Union Flag, your London photos will really stand out too!

So what are the best Union Jack souvenirs?

Union Jack Umbrella

Union Jack Umbrellas are not only a colourful way to protect yourself from the rain, but they also make sought-after Union Jack gifts to take back home from a trip to London. Not only that, they make outstanding photo props and you are bound to get lots of likes for your London holiday photos where you are holding your stylish new brolly. So why not make things a bit exciting and add a splash of colour to a rainy day?

Union Jack Cushion

Keeping Union Jack cushions on your sofa, chair or bed looks super chic and will make a fashionable addition to the background of any photos you take at home while adding some British flair to your living space at the same time.

Union Jack Waste Bin

Why buy a boring, normal bin when you can have a Union Jack one? We love any sort of homeware that makes us want to burst into song, singing ‘Rule Britannia’ when we see it, and this little bin is no exception. Plus it will be one bin you won’t be ashamed to have captured in the background of your photos!

Union Jack Storage Box

A subtle way to incorporate the Union Jack in the backdrop for photos in your room or office space. Union Jack storage boxes are also practical gifts that you can treat a friend or yourself to, and keep all your favourite items and memorabilia from a trip to London in.

Union Jack Bunting

Whether you are throwing an English-style garden party or just using it to add a British theme to your room, a backdrop of Union Jack flag bunting adds some extra oomph to all pictures that you take around it.

Union Jack Laptop Bag

Whether carrying it to work on the Tube or across the globe on your travels, this Union Jack laptop case will protect your laptop from bumps and scratches as well as give you a modish, London look.

Union Jack Baseball Cap

Nothing says you have been to London quite like a Union Jack Baseball cap with the word LONDON embroidered across it. This cap is an absolute must-have prop for your London selfies and photo shoots. Check out this one worn by Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock.

Union Jack Dress

If you want to go all-out bling, then a sequin Union Jack dress is the way to go. Any photo opportunities you wear this to will leave you with some absolutely eye-catching shots for your profile. Hey if Ginger Spice could do it, so can you!