How To Display Your Travel Souvenirs In Your Home

When you’re someone that loves travelling, you’ll also want your home to display memories of your adventures. When you’re at home and missing going travelling, it can make you feel much better when you’re reminded of your past adventures. However, it’s difficult to know how to reflect your wanderlust in your home, especially if you’ve collected a lot of souvenirs throughout the years.

Displaying souvenirs are also a great conversation piece when you have visitors or guests. Here are some great tips when it comes to displaying your love for adventure throughout your house.

Buying Necessities While You’re Travelling

Small items that are necessities for your home, such as coasters, make great souvenirs for your home. Themed bottle openers, individual decorative tiles, shot glasses, and tea towels are also great souvenir ideas when it comes to decorating your home. They are extremely useful and will be used a lot, which means you will always have a reminder of your travels.

These items will also often be used by guests, which can spark great conversations or remind your travel buddies of good memories. Who needs boring versions of these items when you can have necessities that are a constant reminder of adventure?

Look Into Buying Bigger Homeware Abroad

If you’ve got room for it in your suitcase, bigger items that can take a centrepiece in your space are a great way to display a souvenir in your home. Things such as duvet cover sets and heavy ornaments might be too big, but smaller things such as small bowls, a glass, or a non-fragile ornament might be a great idea to display in your home.


However, if you can afford the shipping, bigger homeware such as large poster prints or bed sheets can make your room reflect your sense of adventure.

Make A Picture Wall

If you’ve got a bit more of a creative side, then a great wall piece for your front room could be a picture wall. Making a collage-like display of your pictures from travelling can be a good statement piece in your front room, and could act as a constant reminder of happy times while travelling.

Arranging these pictures in a creative way can make it look like a beautiful piece of art in your home, and can also spark conversation with guests about travelling stories.

Get Shelves To Display Small Souvenirs

Installing shelves that will display all of your small souvenirs is a great way to place your travel memories in your home. Theming of each shelf to one year or one particular trip is a great way to make a beautiful display in your home that will hold memories from your holidays.

These can also look really beautiful, especially if you bought really nice souvenirs. Putting them on display in your home like this will allow your guests to really see where you went, and what you did while travelling. Making a scrapbook of your tickets and pictures and putting them on the shelves or coffee tables can make a great display piece as well.

Get Bottles From Your Travels

Japanese Vending Machine

If you like to sample the region’s beverages, bringing back a bottle for your kitchen display and to offer to guests is a great way to display your travelling in your home. Or, you could bring back empty bottles and display flowers in them as a great way to bring a bit of bohemian travelling chic to your home.

Buying drinks that are famous in the place or better yet have been named the country’s national favourite is a great way to bring a piece of that country into your home. For example, if you go to Japan, bring back a bottle of matcha tea, or if you go to Türkiye, bring back a bottle of şalgam. This is a great way to bring a reminder of your travels straight into your kitchen.