How to Have an Awesome Hen Weekend in Ireland

Thinking about spending a hen weekend in the Emerald Isle, but do not really know how to start planning for it? How do you start planning for it? Here are some hen party ideas and tips that can help anyone plan for an awesome hen weekend in Ireland.

Choose a Location

Now, what do you have to know when it comes to choosing the location? The most important thing will probably be the activities that are available in a particular area. Every location can offer unique activities for the whole group. So, what do you plan to do? Once that’s determined, choose the best location for that activity.

Dublin is one of the best places for entertainment as the city is known for its vibrant music scene. If the group is intent on having an evening of great entertainment, Belfast, Limerick, and Dublin are great locations for that as well. If budget is an issue, try Athlone. It is a centrally located small town where entertainment and accommodation is more affordable.

Nature lovers or those that enjoy outdoor adventures will enjoy a weekend in Killarney, Carrick on Shannon, Sligo, Cork, Mullingar, and Wexford. These Irish towns and cities have beautiful, lakes, rivers, mountains, woodlands, and more that are perfect for outdoor activities.


Get Some R&R

A bride-to-be’s hen do can be the perfect opportunity to get much-needed rest and relaxation especially if the wedding preparations are getting too stressful. The ideal activity will certainly depend on what she actually likes and enjoys doing.

More often than not, retail therapy works for some women. Easily take that to the next level by hiring a professional fashion consultant. A day at the spa, nail salon, hair salon, and similar establishments can be great ways to rest and relax for most hens.

Fun Lessons

If the celebrant would rather enjoy other activities, there are also leisure and recreation centres that are perfect for that. Hen groups can enjoy learning something new with cocktail making lessons which some establishments offer. Perhaps, dancing is more of their thing and they can choose to learn new dance moves from a professional instructor. Another alternative would be to take cooking or baking lessons.

Depending on the location, hen groups can even learn how to make fascinators, perfume, or even pottery. Or, instead of the usual dancer, how about getting an art lesson with a fine model as inspiration? Learning something new is a great opportunity for hens to acquire a new skill while having lots of fun with their girlfriends.

Disco Ball

Exciting Adventures

There are a lot of different exciting adventures to be had in the Emerald Isle. Seeing all the beautiful sites in Irish towns and cities can already be an adventure for some hens especially if they are visiting that location for the first time. In addition to that, other exciting adventures await.

Sporty hens and nature lovers can have fun clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, 4x4 driving, go-karting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, and surfing at certain Irish towns and cities as well. Hens that are into more extreme sports can enjoy ziplining, water rafting, or zorbing during their hen weekend.

Having an awesome hen weekend in Ireland is easy so long as the organiser chooses activities that the whole group will enjoy. That might not be an easy feat as there are so many activities to choose from. If you don’t know where to begin, it might be a good idea to start with what the celebrant wants and go from there. So, start planning for that hen weekend in the Emerald Isle by choosing activities, the location, and look forward to having an awesome weekend with the girls!