A Walk Around London's Student Campuses

College enrollment is one of the most crucial and exciting stages in the life of any young person. They spend much time and effort to make the right choice.

Indeed, you can come across a wide range of options, so it can be hard to decide what academic institution suits you most. Some high school students even turn to specialised writing services like Speedy Paper to clear up their schedules and have more time to research and weigh out all pros and cons.

Your perfect match must meet your expectations and key requirements, so you should consider many aspects when choosing the right place. It will not be superfluous to investigate student campuses as well since they can provide you with valuable information.

Today, we'll focus on London academic institutions and their campuses, so you can decide what option looks more appealing.

Brunel University

Brunel University

If you have dreamed of studying in a top-notch international academic institution, it is worth paying attention to Brunel University. Its amazing campus represents home to about 12,000 students who come here from all over the world.

The university provides campus accommodation (about 5,000 rooms) to all first-year learners, so enrollment will be less stressful since everything you need will be within walking distance.

The very campus is located in the northwest part of London, Uxbridge, near the underground station so that you can find yourself in the city centre in 20 minutes. Students choose it for high employability after graduation.

The university authorities have spent more than £390 million on improving campus infrastructure, so you can imagine how comfortable and good-looking it is today. You can pay for essay cheap to get your papers done on time while you will be examining all the opportunities the university can provide you with.

University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich

Talking about leading universities you can find in London, one cannot but mention the University of Greenwich. It represents an impressive international community of learners from more than 135 countries. The university provides young people with high standards of teaching and learning, so it will not be a big deal to find a decent job after graduation.

You will face a wide range of programs (about 400) to choose from both at under- and postgraduate levels. It has three campuses (one of them is located in south-east London, and two are in Kent) that can become home for more than 20,000 students. All the campuses are surrounded by greenery and represent wonderful places for studying and relaxing after classes.

International students can participate in orientation programs to get used to campus life much faster.

Richmond University

If you live in the UK but dream of studying in an American university, it is worth considering Richmond University which offers great undergraduate degrees in communication, business, social sciences, and art. In general, this academic institution is famous for its broadscale yet flexible curriculums.

Talking about campuses, one of them is located in Richmond and used for newcomers and second-year students, and another one you can find in Kensington. The latter is used by third- and fourth-year students as well as postgraduates.

First-year international students get a detailed guide on living on campus and the country in general. The Richmond campus offers a wide range of room types, so you may get a chance to live in a classic US-style shared room. It is just a twenty-minute underground ride from the city centre. However, both campuses are within walking distance of historical heritage and different interesting spots.

Roehampton University


This university provides its learners with personalised teaching, diverse curriculums, and tremendous opportunities to gain hard and soft skills in the chosen major. Its campus is considered one of the most beautiful ones in London thanks to huge parkland, woodland, and lakes. You can find it in southwest London, not far away from Hammersmith.

Students will become a part of the community and get access to quality accommodation, teaching and leisure facilities, etc. Even though the university provides different programs, it is famous for well-crafted Drama, Anthropology, Dance, and English Literature curriculums. The campus offers about 1,550 rooms for students.

Royal Holloway, University of London

If you want to study in one of the top-rated educational institutions, you should pay attention to this one since it can boast of strong teaching staff. Each professor you will come across there has achieved incredible success in the chosen area of expertise, so they can help improve your theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience.

Its campus is on the list of the most beautiful and safest ones, located close to London so that you will get great studying and living experience there.

You can find its incredible pictures on Instagram shared by current learners who study there. About 3,000 students can count on getting a place there, especially if they have come from abroad.

St Mary's University, Twickenham, London

It represents a modern and student-friendly academic institution located in a beautiful historic place. You can choose one of the thirty-four undergraduate degree programs or twenty-four postgraduate programs. The university possesses a firm place in the top ten UK academic institutions for graduate employment.

The location suggests that students will enjoy both incredible nature and active social life on and out of the campus. Accommodation there will cost you about £5,200 per academic year, including a meal package. This price tag is quite affordable for London.