7 Non-Touristy Places to Visit in London

Travelling has always been one of the most exciting things to do and a memorable experience to have. The overwhelming majority of avid tourists are ready to compromise almost everything to relish yet another magnificent travelling experience. While some people wait just for the usual holidays so that they can enjoy another trip, others search for any opportunity to leave everything behind and head on an unforgettable weekend getaway.

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Once you have dealt with all the problems that may occur while getting your holidays sorted, you can move on to the next stage, which is searching for a perfect travel destination. We can't help mentioning that London is one of the most impressive and appreciated cities that keeps attracting visitors year after year. 

If you have already been to London, it is not a big deal as you will always find something new and exciting to see and enjoy on every visit. Starting from main attractions such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben, to the lesser-known streets, the British capital is filled with a unique atmosphere and authentic culture. 

Big Ben

Is it possible to find something new which is both interesting and unforgettable for the experienced tourist who has already been to this city multiple times? Nothing is impossible for a person who loves London. If you can't seem to find out something new by yourself, then check out the seemingly endless number of online guides that will provide you with loads of wonderful ideas on how to spend a quality weekend in London.

Just have a look at Expedia.com and you will never struggle to sort out an interesting itinerary anymore. The variety of famous sights, as well as less explored locations offered to tourists, will not leave you without choice. So why not take your chance to discover some of the most eye-catching spots in London that are appreciated by the locals but often missed out on by tourists. 

Key Locations to Visit in London

If you have dealt with all the issues that can cause you stress during your trip (for example, if you are a student with a backlog of work, you could place an order at essay shark), then now is the right time to create a plan and pinpoint all the spots and locations you eagerly await to discover in London. If you cannot decide on which locations would be the most interesting and memorable, here are numerous hidden attractions that are likely to make it easier to choose and will show you London from a completely different perspective. 

God’s Own Junk Yard

If you are excited by the bright colours and breath-taking designs of the city's streets? Then God’s Own Junk Yard is the place you should not miss. Located in east London, it is a true paradise for travellers who enjoy neon lighting such as the type that can be seen in Las Vegas and other similar places. In fact, it is a public gallery that is filled with unforgettable artworks, including paintings, magazines, and photographs. 

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is another one of London's hidden gems that can be found in the southeast part of the city. Although the location is not well-known and still rather unfrequented, an increasing number of locals and tourists enjoy a chance to have a look at this magnificent spot. The history of the palace goes back to 1066, but it has been renovated a couple of times since then. Consequently, both the locals and tourists enjoy taking a trip to this unique spot. 

Sir John Soane’s Museum

If you are fond of museums then you might want to include Sir John Soane’s Museum on your bucket list of places to see in London. Unlike most places, it is quite a small but impressively fascinating museum. The location will be highly appreciated by the architecture students, as it is an inspiration. 

Hidden Paintings on Millennium Bridge

Even if you have been to the Millennium Bridge a couple of times, you may have never paid attention to the little peculiarities that make the place unique and highly appreciated. Tiny paintings hidden all along the bridge will make the tour even more intriguing and impressive. People will have a chance to enjoy each time walking along the bridge, looking at the interesting artworks and spotting the new ones that they haven't noticed before along the way.

Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

What is the most non-touristy place to visit in London? Leake Street Graffiti tunnel seems to be the one. Unfortunately, most travellers underestimate the location, paying no attention to it. However, it is a real heaven for adventurers who enjoy street art. Over 300 meters of the tunnel are covered with bright paintings that will inspire you and give you an opportunity to dive into the culture of London streets. The perfect chance for a photo op if the graffiti look is your thing.

Steamer Experience along the River Thames

If you are tired of walking tours around London, there is always an opportunity to take a boat trip. Although there are a plethora of exciting and fantastic adventure tours along the River Thames, the Paddle Steamer is the one you should not miss. 

Boating along London’s Canals

Boats along a London Canal

Boating is another fun and extraordinary way to explore London and its unexplored spots. There is always a chance to hire a guide who will show you interesting places, but you can also get on a boat and take a ride through the canal enjoying the views.