How to Experience the Best of London

Travelling to London for the first time could seem like a daunting task, especially if you have limited time and a limited budget available. With so many attractions and things to do, many places to discover and different experiences to be had, it might seem difficult to complete everything.

London is definitely among the best and most popular tourist destinations in the world, with millions of tourists arriving in the city each year. The best London experience depends on each individual tourist and their tastes or preferences, as well as their time and budget, but there are definitely some sights and activities that are not to be missed while visiting the British capital.

In order to experience the original London, here are some of the best ideas you can try which are essential to the London experience.

Beginning with the places to visit, you might like to start with Buckingham Palace, where you should have the patience to wait for the changing of the guard, a unique London attraction. Then, pass by the Parliament Building and Big Ben, taking a photo with the two major symbols of the city. You may also want to pick up some London souvenirs, English gifts, and other memorabilia featuring these popular London icons.

Continuing your itinerary, make sure you visit the British Museum, one of the definite must-sees of the city. Other important museums that should be visited are the National Gallery, Museum of Natural History, and Museum of Science.

Lastly, be sure to pay a visit to London Bridge and the Tower of London, located close to one another and a true part of the authentic London experience.

Apart from the main places to see, there are also some other interesting things one must do in London, starting with a walk in the park, a popular pass time for many Londoners. There are plenty of beautiful parks in London like St. James Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, and Regents Park.

Then continue with a visit to a popular London eaterie, sampling the local food and watching the football games, after all, no visit to London would be complete without some fish and chips, the local street food that you can find anywhere.

Other original things to do in London include a trip on the London Eye, a cruise on the Thames River, a ride in a double-decker tourist bus, and a journey on the London tube. Regardless of time or budget, these are the main London experiences not to be missed.

If you find yourself wanting to stay a while longer in the British capital city, then you can always find a job in London.