What to Bring Back Home From Your Europe Tour

Buying gifts for your friends and family can be really overwhelming and complex. You’re not really sure if they’re going to like it and if they’re going to use it (or just give it to someone on their birthday that they forgot about).

Well, you will not have this kind of issue when looking for suitable gifts while travelling in Europe.

A Variety of Gifts

One of the best things about travelling to Europe is that there are plenty of types of gifts you can bring home to your family and loved ones. There are many interesting gifts that you can find, even for your picky friends. That’s how colourful Europe is. Something cultural, something fashionable, something related to food, you name it.

Travel gifts are really meaningful because they will let you know what the person thought about you while being in a whole other country. Besides that, owning a gift from another country always feels special. Even if you were never there, it almost feels like you were. Somehow, you are connected to that place.

Choosing the Right One

Being in the same place as the person whom you’re trying to buy a gift for is harder than being in another country. When you are in the same place, you will have to think about what they like and something personal. But when you’re visiting another country, that is not the issue.

Buying a gift while travelling is easier because it’s more unique, something they've never had. You can always go with the classic gifts; popular souvenirs, oil, and herbs. But if you want to break the cycle of ordinary presents, here are some tips on how to find the perfect gift for your family and friends.


Chocolate is one of the best things to bring home from Europe. Even though each country has its own special recipe for chocolate, we all know that the finest chocolate in the world comes from Europe. Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Italy are the top chocolate-producing countries in the world. 


Transport your loved ones to Europe with these breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes. Bring Europe to your home, no matter where you are. Every dish contains not only a unique flavour but also reflects the culture and tradition of some of the places in Europe.

The beauty of it all is that food is a love language, and you can probably notice that the food culture from around the world can be similar to yours.

Swiss Watches

A watch is a nice way to express your love to someone. The receiver will remember you every time they take a glance to check the time. And for this, you can never go wrong with a Swiss-made watch.

Swiss watches have a long history of craftsmanship and are known for their high quality. Since they use the finest materials for production, you will definitely have this watch for your entire life.

Design & Home Items

There is something so warm, rustic, and homely about European home items. But hands down, the Swedes (and the Nordics in general) have some of the best home décors. Their simplicity and minimalism are what make them unique.

A touch of wood, unique wall colour palettes, or just some small items to decorate your living room can be a really nice thing to bring home from your European trip.

Olive Oil

Europe is the world's leading producer of olive oil, and you don’t need to be a professional chef to know how to use it. The healthy and authentic flavour of it will make anything taste better. If you visit Spain, Italy, or Greece, you should definitely consider bringing home a bottle of virgin olive oil.


There are so many cultural and traditional items you almost want to wish you had a private airplane, just so you could bring home things from Europe. One of the most common issues that every traveller faces is limited luggage space, and the stated gifts, such as chocolate, cookbooks, Swiss-made watches, or small home décor items, should not be an issue.

Bringing home gifts from a trip is always a fun way to give your loved ones, especially if you visit a cultural continent like Europe, where it’s rooted in its art, architecture, literature, etc. That’s why you will never have a problem buying presents there.