Unique Souvenirs For Students To Get In London

London is an incredible city with a 2,000-year history and amazing people. London is famous for its old architecture, authentic food, football clubs, and modern fashion. For sure, London is worth a visit, especially if you are a student.

There you can find the Grade I-listed British Library which has one of the biggest book collections in the world. Its catalog contains over 150 million items, some of which date back as far as 2000 BC. Can you imagine that the Grade I-listed British Library even has 15th-century editions of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and original song sheets of the Beatles?

Christ Church and Royal Naval College

If you are a fan of baroque architecture, you should check the Christ Church and Royal Naval College. Those who love Gothic Revival should visit St Pancras train station and 33-35 Eastcheap. And what about Brutalism (Brutalist architecture)? You can head to the Barbican, Southbank Center, or the Hayward Gallery. But how to find time for all those places?

If you are a student, your schedule must be full of academic activities. Everyday classes, numerous assignments, assessments, and extracurriculars make it really hard to find time for traveling. To free up your schedule, you can try to use an essay service for British scholars that provides great academic help. You can delegate part of your study responsibilities to experts and have a chance to go to London. Isn’t it a great solution?

By the way, if you also like nightlife, London is a spot for you. It has a vibrant theatre scene that attracts people from all over the world. You can have a brilliant night out with your friends in the capital of Great Britain. So what are you waiting for? Go to London as soon as possible and have fun while staying there!

To have nice memories of your trip, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for yourself and as gifts for friends.

Here is the list of what you can get in London.

Looseleaf Tea

Looseleaf Tea

When you think about England, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe it's tea? English people are a tea-drinking nation known all around the world. Of course, tea leaves come to Great Britain from India and Sri Lanka but it’s England that made drinking tea a culture. In London, you can find a huge selection of amazing affordable tea. Choose loose-leaf tea that tastes the best as a souvenir and enjoy it at home while sharing your London memories with loved ones.

Vintage Clothes or Accessories

Vintage Clothing

London is one of the most popular fashion centres all over the globe. And it has always been so! You can find not only fantastic fashion boutiques there but also nice vintage shops. Get some unique secondhand gems that will make your wardrobe unique. By the way, the hunt for vintage clothes and accessories can make you appreciate them even more. What’s more, getting such stuff is better for both the environment and your bank account.

Indie books

If you are a book lover, you must be interested in collecting books on your travels. A book from a local indie bookshop can make for an incredible souvenir to get. The good news is that London has so many amazing independent bookshops to check out. You can get almost anything there, from a nice coffee table book to a gripping fiction.

Some of the best places to visit are Oxfam Bookshops and Broadway Books. Oxfam bookshops are run by the charity that raises money received from selling secondhand books. If you don’t know what exactly you want to buy, examine fiction and non-fiction books at Broadway Books, London Fields.



London is home to hundreds of super-talented artists. Of course, your space in a suitcase can be very limited, but still bringing home a piece of artwork could be a great idea. Even if you get a small print made by a London artist, it will give you a special feeling after coming back home. So where to get nice artwork? You can check them at Nelly Duff Gallery, Columbia Road. It’s a small lovely gallery that has a relaxed atmosphere. Another great gallery that hosts originals and prints from the UK’s leading artists is Well Hung. You can also pick an authentic print or piece at Eye for London Prints.

Final thoughts

London is a special city that can bring you unforgettable memories. If you want to keep them for your whole life, don’t forget to buy some London souvenirs in the capital of Great Britain. Some of the best options for you could be Loose-leaf tea, vintage items, indie books, and local artwork.