Flavours of Britain: 5 Must-Try Dishes When Visiting London

London is home to some of the world's most delicious and unique dishes. From traditional British classics like fish and chips to modern-day favourites such as bangers and mash, there is an expansive culinary range to select from.

For those experiencing London for the first time and deliberating which British classics to try, voucher codes for food can facilitate holidaymakers to sample innumerable superior dishes and drinks, with discounts and recommendations. In addition, this article will assist you by providing five of the must-try British dishes:

1. Shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie has been a staple in British cuisine for generations, consisting of a meat pie with a delicious mashed potato topping and minced lamb or beef contained inside. Herbs, spices and Worcestershire sauce are common additions to the filling; the mixture is then topped with mashed potatoes and roasted until golden.

This versatile meal can be presented as the main event or an accompaniment on the inevitably chilly winter evenings - make this dish a whole dinner by serving it hot with steamed veggies or a salad.

2. Fish and chips

Fish and chips have also existed as a culinary favourite for centuries. For this dish, fried fish (often cod or haddock) is served with chunky chips (fries). Standard preparation methods for fish include deep-frying in vegetable oil and cooking chips in beef dripping or lard.

If you decide to holiday in the UK, this meal offers an extraordinary flavour combination - fish and chips are typically served with malt vinegar and salt. However, ketchup or tartar sauce are other prevalent options. Another advantage of fish and chips is that it is considerably lighter than many other British dishes, and can this be enjoyed as lunch, dinner or supper. 

3. The infamous "bangers and mash"

Sausage and Mash

The three main components of bangers and mash are straightforward: sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy. Meat such as beef is used to make the sausages browned in a pan. Once the potatoes are tender, they are boiled and mashed with butter and milk.

The meal is finished with a sauce prepared from sausage grease and stock. Bangers and mash are traditionally served with sausages on mashed potatoes and gravy drizzled on top. Peas or other vegetables provide an excellent accompaniment to this meal. The traditional British dish of bangers and mash is simple to prepare at home and widely available at traditional and contemporary eateries across London

4. Toad in the hole 

The classic British dish "toad in the hole" never fails to impress culinary enthusiasts. Yorkshire pudding batter is composed of eggs, flour, and milk and is used to bake sausages. Before baking, the sausages are roasted in a tray over which the batter is poured. Savoury sausage meets light and airy Yorkshire pudding for a satisfying meal.

For extra taste, herbs such as thyme and rosemary can be added to the batter. For maximum comfort, pair it with mashed potatoes and gravy or add fried onions or bacon for a delicious crunch and a distinctive touch. Toad in the Hole is a crowd-pleaser - whether you are hosting a dinner party or want to try something different.

5. Ploughman's lunch

The Ploughman's Lunch is a traditional British meal that dates back hundreds of years. Be prepared to expect cheese, pickles, bread and cold meats. This luncheon dish is perfect on its own or with a side of salad or vegetables as a light dinner or snack.

The beauty of a Ploughman's lies in its uncomplicatedness - it takes little time to assemble and can be adjusted to align with the preferences of any subjective tastes. A cold drink pairs well with a Ploughman's Lunch for the maximum British experience.

Overall, London has a wide variety of tasty British cuisines that will leave you yearning for more. Whenever you visit, try out as much as possible to find what suits your taste and preferences.