Student Dubai Visa: Travelling to Dubai for Study Purposes

Dubai is known as an academic hub because of its education facilities for locals as well as international students. One always gets true commitments regarding education from high-class universities and colleges. You can apply for a Dubai student visa as many campuses in Dubai offer high-level academic career options in all fields like technology, management, business, media, and much more.

At the end of every program, students receive a certified degree from the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE which is highly reputed and globally accepted. Dubai is a city of glamour and tourism but in recent times it is excelling in academics too. This is continuously attracting students from around the world to apply for Dubai student visas.

Check the Dubai student visa requirements before starting the procedure. For any international student applying for a student visa, there are some specific requirements for documents. Experts in UK visa services are always there to assist and help in getting the process done easily. You need to be aware of the student visa UK rules.

Dubai visa requirements from UK Residents

Pursuing academics in Dubai, without being a UAE national, requires to fulfil certain requirements. There are some specific eligibility criteria for both Graduate and Postgraduate students.

First, get yourself prepared with the Dubai student visa documents list.

• A valid passport with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages.
•  Around 4 passport copies.
•  At least 12 copies of passport-size photographs with white backgrounds.
•  Proof of admission offer letter received from UAE universities.
•  6 months of bank statements are required as proof of sufficient funds.
•  A tenancy agreement should be given by the student.

If not and staying in the university/college then a reference letter from the university is required.

•  Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current year's academic program.
•  Copy of visa fee receipt for current year academic program.
•  If you are applying for a Post-graduation you have to show proof of your graduation degree.
•  Certificates proofing your medical fitness.

These are the mandatory documents that one should prepare well before applying for a Dubai student visa from the UK. Some specific requirements are there for the students applying for graduation as well as post-graduation degrees.

What are Undergraduate student's requirements -

•  An IELTS or TOEFL certificate is required, you can get an exemption if you score more than 75% in English.
•  12 years of schooling proof is required with a minimum of 60 to 65 % of the score.
•  EMSAT certificate is required by some selective universities.

These are the basic Dubai student visa requirements for Undergrad students applying for student visas in the UK.

What are Postgraduate student's requirements -

•  Undergrad degree proof is required with a minimum of 60%.
•  You need to show your bachelor's degree along with IELTS or TOEFL.
•  Work experience is also required depending on the country to the country.

Once you fulfilled the eligibility criteria and are prepared with the documents you might be worried about how to apply for a student Dubai visa from the UK. Know the detailed process of applying for a Dubai student visa.

After getting accepted by the institution of UAE, you will get the entry permit letter through which you can enter the country and hence the student visa process will start. After this, the particular institution will apply for your Dubai student visa at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Once the Dubai student visa for UK Citizen application is approved by GDRFA, you will receive the Dubai student residence visa along with the Emirates ID card. The process of applying for a Dubai student visa is very effortless now. Get prepared with your Dubai student visa documents and start the visa process.

One great fact is that the Dubai student visa can also be sponsored by the relatives or residents' ex-pats of the student.