10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to China

China is a wonderful country that attracts a lot of tourists regularly. It may pleasantly surprise you with its cuisine, nature, traditions, etc.

If you decide to visit China in the near future, before going to this fascinating country, let's consider some essential things you should be aware of.

Plan a Trip in Spring And Autumn

Mountains in China

To admire all the beauty of China it is not necessary to come in cold winters or warm summers. There is a certain time in between when China is particularly amazing. It is advisable to plan your future trip in spring or fall. During these seasons, the weather in China is the most comfortable. Spring and autumn is the ideal time for you to enjoy Chinese nature.

Install a VPN for Travel

Did you know that a lot of websites are not available in China? It will be impossible to go on Facebook, Google, and Instagram without a VPN for travel. When you arrive in China, you should simply connect to Sweden VPN, for example, and make all websites unblocked. You can take advantage of VPN free trial to make sure you will benefit from offered services.

Have Cash With You

Chinese Currency

Nowadays, mobile payment methods, for example, Alipay, WeChat Wallet, and Apple Pay gain popularity and are utilized almost everywhere. Moreover, the economy of China does not depend on cash anymore. Still, cash continues to be accepted in many places and you can withdraw it from ATMs. Thus, it is recommended to have a little cash with you just in case.

Don't Drink Tap Water

Before visiting China you should know that local residents never drink tap water. You should follow their example. This water contains an unhealthy level of heavy-metal particles. It is acceptable to wet your toothbrush a bit with tap water. However, it is advisable not to swallow this water. Instead, you can buy bottled water. It is sold everywhere and at an affordable price.

Taste Local Food

Chinese Cuisine

Almost everybody heard about not only the complicated Chinese language but also the interesting cuisine of this country. Various provinces grant their dishes their own unique peculiarities. You will be able to taste classic food everywhere. Also, you can visit places that offer some local delights.

Don't Forget about Visa

If you want your trip to be successful, you should plan everything in advance. One of the most essential things you should keep in mind before visiting China is a visa. If you are not a resident of Singapore, Brunei, or Japan, you should have a visa to stay in China for over 72 hours. To apply for a visa you can reach your local Chinese consulate or utilize the services of a third-party visa company. The process for getting a tourist visa will be different from country to country, however, you should be prepared to wait for your visa for a minimum of a month.

Have an Online Translator on Hand

Chinese Lanterns

The Chinese language is likely one of the challenges for learning. If you want to ask locals how to get to a certain place, order meals, or communicate with the hotel's staff, it is recommended to have an online translator on hand. This is where VPN will be handy as well. After you familiarize yourself with reviews of VeePN, you will make sure this provider unblocks any translation app or website. Additionally, you can make use of a VPN free trial to get access to the necessary translation service.

It Isn't Necessary to Leave Tips

Don't be afraid to offend somebody by forgetting to leave tips for good service. There is no such notion as "tipping culture" in China. Leaving tips in this country is not obligatorily. If you visit nice restaurants in big cities you will discover that tips are already included on the bill. However, leaving cash tips on the table is not a common thing.

Be Ready for Constant Glances

A Happy Child

China is a country with friendly and caring residents. It attracts a large number of foreigners on a regular basis. Nevertheless, there are some parts of China where locals are not used to seeing tourists from different countries every day. You should not be offended if somebody stares at you, asks for a photo with you, or asks you a lot of questions, etc. When you are in China, you will be able to feel like a celebrity for some time.

China Can Boast Beautiful Nature

Beautiful Nature of China

If you are going to China for the first time, you will probably choose Beijing and Shanghai as your destination. Still, our advice is to include exploring Chinese nature in your to-see list. For example, you can go to famous bamboo forests in northern China or explore ancient caves, hike mountains, climb rocks, take a walk in rice fields, and admire waterfalls in southern China.

There is no doubt that China is worth visiting not just once. Even if you arrive in this country for the tenth time, it will still nicely amaze you.

However, if you intend to travel to China for the first time, there are several things you should memorize until departure. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the above-discussed important things to avoid problems when you are already in China.