10 Souvenirs You Should Buy in London

When we think of Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter, it's not difficult to conjure up images of London in our minds. From the moment you step foot in this metropolis, you will be enamoured with the place.

So if you are planning a trip to London, pack your luggage, get some college homework help if needed and let’s go!

What do you hope to remember most about your trip to London? Do you have any ideas about gifts for close relatives and friends? If you are undecided, we are here to assist you with this collection of one-of-a-kind souvenirs from the United Kingdom!

Branded Clothing

In terms of fashion, London is definitely Europe's fashion hub. Oxford Street which is one of the world's premier shopping strips that has over 300 stores, boutiques, and restaurants is the greatest place to get your hands on branded merchandise as well as take advantage of many great bargains and sales.

London's vast shopping malls provide the latest in high-end fashion. If you wish to purchase high-quality apparel at low rates, you may find it in London's outlet stores. Choosing wool items such as sweaters, cardigans, etc. in an oversized style is recommended if you are unsure of the size needed.

British Literary Souvenirs

After being adapted for the screen, the British characters in well-known novels have taken on a life of their own. By donning a hat like the one worn by Sherlock Holmes, you will really look the part while you are out and about exploring the historical streets of London. This headgear is often referred to as a "deer hunter's hat" and such items can be found at stores that specialize in "literary" keepsakes.

The Harry Potter shop can be found at King's Cross train station; the Sherlock Holmes Museum shop can be found at 221b Baker Street, and there is even an Alice Through The Looking Glass shop at 14 Cecil Street, only three minutes walk from the National Gallery. The latter is of course in addition to the original Alice in Wonderland Shop, near the Christ Church University of Oxford.

In addition to the fact that Harry, Ron, and Hermione travelled through the hallways of Christ Church, it's worth noting that one of the doorways where the filming took place leads directly to the souvenir shop, which also sells Harry and his pals-themed items.

Football Memorabilia

Fans of Chelsea and Arsenal, two London-based soccer teams, may want to take home some mementos of their respective games. You can get branded football jerseys for these and other English football clubs at the stadium store or any of the city's sports complexes. The most affordable choice is around £30.

A good conversation starter when meeting someone British for the first time is to ask which football team he or she cheers for!

Chocolate and M&M's

Although the Germans, Swiss, and Belgians are famous for their chocolate, British chocolate still remains a delicious treat and a popular gift option when it comes to taking something back home from the UK. Cadbury's English chocolates are an affordable choice that is sure to satisfy the sweet cravings of every member of the family. They are available in a variety of flavours and sizes.

Located in Leicester Square in the heart of London, M&M's world is a must-see. The store's shelves are adorned with a variety of brightly coloured figurines with designs ranging from M&M's in pyjamas to almost anything and on each floor, there are fan zones where you may take pictures with your favourite M&M characters at no charge. Two of the best places to get a selfie in this massive store are by the lifesize red Double Decker M&Ms bus and with the recreation of the famous Abbey Road scene.

Did you know that these dragées are not only available in five colours? They can be found in every colour on the colour wheel. It is ok to use the bag underneath the flask to store sweets and to pour as much as you like, as long as you do not over-pack your baggage to take home!

Royal Palaces and Colleges

Several of London's historical royal castles have their own gift shops where visitors can purchase souvenirs. Each castle and royal palace represents its people and serves as a symbol for that era. This implies that souvenirs associated with Princess Diana and Queen Victoria may be found in Kensington, whereas souvenirs associated with Anne Boleyn can be found in the Tower of London, and souvenirs associated with Elizabeth II can be found at the Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle gift shops.

Gift shops can also be found at both Westminster Abbey and most of the museums, however, souvenirs are much costlier in these tourist areas.

In the international community, universities and institutions in the United Kingdom are well-known. It's also impossible to overlook the symbolic meaning contained within their emblems which are known as Coat of arms. Whenever you dress in an Oxford or Cambridge sweater or scarf, you will fondly remember your trip to London for years after you return home.

English Tea

Iconic gifts from England include commemorative tea boxes in the style of telephone booths, post boxes, and Big Ben, which are popular souvenirs worldwide. Costs vary from £5 to £20 per present, depending on the size and the contents of the item.

Biscuits and Scottish Shortbread

British biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to an English cup of tea and they make an excellently edible souvenir to take back for your friends and family, as does Scottish shortbread which usually comes in vibrant red tartan packaging and more often than not in a beautiful tin.

Something from Harrods

Along with fashionable apparel and shoes, Harrods is home to a variety of other high-end enterprises. Even just picking up some English jam and tea from the food hall is worth the journey. Whatsmore, there is an array of luxury memorabilia on display. 

In addition to Harrods (located at 87-135, Brompton Road), a prestigious department store in London with a history that dates back to two centuries, there are many additional notable department stores such as Selfridges.

Cashmere and Tartan Accessories

To buy a tartan kilt or scarf, you don't need to fly to Scotland. There are a lot of tartan items on sale in London. As well as sweaters made of cashmere, which are highly prized in the UK. Although they're pricey, they're worth every penny. The cashmere sign and themed window displays make such stores instantly recognizable.

Wearing a kilt in your hometown will make you stand out from the crowd. For a business party or a bachelor party, this traditional Scotsman's dress is ideal.

Match the kilt's colour with a tie or scarf and don't forget your sporran!

The Londoners' constant buddy is the umbrella. Every time you step foot outdoors, you are expected to have it on your person. It is highly likely that you'll get caught in the rain as soon as you leave your umbrella at home. Many London umbrellas are built to withstand the city's gusty windy conditions and stay in good shape for a long period of time.


Byron's native city of London is recognized as the epicentre of the book world for a reason: it's a veritable heaven for bookworms. Bookstores may be found in every neighbourhood in the city; a full street dedicated to them can be found in Central London.

Most of London's souvenirs can be purchased by using credit cards or cash, however, these days many vendors are open to trading with cryptocurrency, so if you happen to use bitcoin or own a Dogecoin wallet, then you might be in luck!


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