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If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your special occasions and events in London such as weddings or corporate gatherings then you have come to the right place.

James Gifford-Mead is an experienced London corporate photographer who provides his professional photography services for both small and large businesses throughout the UK.

For professional London wedding photographers, look no further than Allister Freeman, an expert in wedding photography with years of experience in capturing those magical moments of your big day.

The wedding day is understandably very special for a couple; in fact, it is usually the most special moment of their life. It is quite natural for one to have the urge to record it for the purpose of maintaining a good memory of the special day. Couples have many options for doing this like photography and videography. Trust in the professional wedding videographers who tend to use hi-tech equipment like state-of-the-art cameras as well as drones for this purpose.

It is not uncommon for a family member or a friend to offer to take up this job, however, it is best to leave it in the able hands of the professionals. Not only do the professionals have expert skills for the job they will also have the right equipment and a knack for capturing all the right moments.

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Videography

1. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to capture great photos especially if it is outdoors. There is a lesser chance of getting a blurred photo outdoors.

2. Outdoor photography involves having to make appropriate corrections for uneven lighting, bright sunlight, and dark shadows.

3. The best way to ensure you can capture good photos is to plan the photo shoot in advance and also try to anticipate the various challenges that might come your way.

4. Select the best professionals for the job in advance and provide them with a good overview of the venue to ensure they can plan ahead.

5. The professional photographer will have more knowledge of the best time to take pictures, unlike an amateur photographer like your friend or family member.

6. Check the weather conditions in advance so that you will be prepared in terms of equipment to take the best photos.

7. It is not an easy task to operate a camera in the rain; thus all the more reason to be fully prepared with appropriate measures to ensure you can still take a good picture.

8. You will be surprised how fast the battery will drain during a photography session at a wedding; it is best to carry a backup battery to avoid running out of juice.

9. It is important to pay attention to the exposure settings and keep the highlights in check.

10. Do your best to avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on the subjects at hand instead (like the couple or group of people). While focusing on the main subjects do not forget to take the background into consideration. The more the angles and perspectives of the photographs, the better.

11. Every wedding photo should capture the sky and the atmosphere, hence make sure it is one of the pictures on your list.

12. Take advantage of the daylight, and nighttime and be as creative as you can with your wedding photoshoot.

13. A professional photographer is one who can dynamically adjust to the situation at hand and come up with the most creative and original shots.

Benefits of trusting a professional wedding videographer

Opting for professional photographers is a safe bet as far as wedding photography is concerned. They will always provide high-quality footage and stunning photos. They will usually be using sophisticated and top-of-the-line equipment like HD/4K DSLR cameras and fancy drones with hi-tech cameras for drone videography at a wedding.

In times like a global pandemic, the added advantage of opting for a professional videographer is that they will come prepared to provide a live stream of the wedding proceedings to allow the couple to still allow their friends and family to be a part of the occasion remotely. Contact the professionals for the best videography of your wedding.

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