Moving to London: What Services Do Movers Provide?

Moving all your belongings into a new residence can be a daunting challenge if you do not have the proper assistance. Often, during the transition, people end up losing or damaging their valuable items and keepsakes in the process of packing and unpacking them.

Considering the busy work schedules most of us have, it becomes convenient to hire movers and packers to take care of the relocation.

Nowadays, movers and packers offer tailor-made services for both individuals and businesses. However, before you head to search for a mover and packer company, gather information about their turnaround time, charges, and customer reviews.

The Process for Relocation

First, you need to select a packer and mover based on your requirements. Go to their office or call them up to get a quotation. Check their credibility, and if you are satisfied, make the deal. After you confirm your order, they will give you a document with details of the articles they will be transporting and the terms and conditions involved. Carefully go through the document before moving ahead.

Here are the basic services that movers and packers offer:

Residential Relocation

Changing homes is common, and so is moving all your furniture, appliances, clothes, books, etc. Movers offer specialized services for personal relocation where they employ customized packing material and tools according to the type of items you need to relocate.

Corporate Relocation

Relocating office items is a lot more complex and daunting as it requires responsible handling of precious workplace computers, furniture, document stacks, electrical items, etc. Such objects need to be carefully packed and moved to avoid damage or misplacement. Office relocation services come with a costlier premium, but you will get a faster and smoother service.

Local Relocation

If you are relocating stuff within the same city, you need to contact packers and movers who can quickly move your stuff to short distances. Such packers and movers usually transport your articles (like appliances, furniture, and other household items) by road. Moreover, they also help you move your vehicles, plants, and your pets. You can easily move house within London by using professional moving and packing services.

International Relocation

With an increasing number of multinational corporations spreading their footprints globally, the demand to move units internationally has also gone up drastically. International relocation is the most expensive packing and moving service, as it involves a lot of paperwork, security checks, customs duties, and time-consuming air or sea transports. You will also get storage facilities if you wish to pick up your items at a later date. Lots of people choose to move to the UK from all over the world.

Timebound Movement of Goods

The packers and movers generally offer you a written schedule of delivery based on your location, type of goods, and the weather (the latter of which is not usually very reliable in London). This documented assurance is crucial, as you can claim against losses if there is an unnecessary delay on their part.

Efficient And Safe Packing and Moving

When you wish to move your household items to a different place, it is not the transport part that you are worried about. Different things require unique packing, and most of us are not adept at securely packing all our articles to transport them safely. Professional packers and movers ensure that your furniture, decorative items, and appliances get soft wrapping and appropriate cushioning to survive the journey.


When you move to a different state or country, such as the United Kingdom, there may be a time gap between when you reach the new place and when your goods are shipped. Professional movers have safe warehousing facilities where your belongings will be neatly kept in a container until you are comfortable receiving them.

Partial Packing and Moving

Often, people might relocate in stages. You may move to a new residence a couple of months before your family moves. Sometimes, a person may shift alone. Reputed movers provide partial packing services where they transport your personal belongings without affecting the rest of your set-up. This makes partial packing and relocation safe and stress-free.

Insurance Cover

There is a chance of damaging a thing or two, no matter how careful the movers are. If the stuff you are relocating is precious or rare, it is better to opt for insurance coverage from your relocating agency. They offer a wide range of insurance plans that cover all possible losses or damages occurring in transit. Once you take the insurance cover, you will be compensated for any mishaps, damages, and even bruises to your valuable articles. 

Tracking Of Your Shipment

Long-distance shipments, especially inter-state or international ones, take a long time. It is not a great feeling to not know the location of your valuable articles when they are on the way. Packers and movers offer tracking facilities through which you can know the real-time location of the shipment.

Various Payment Gateways

Even when you have found a perfect mover and are happy with their service, there can be hassles regarding the modes of payment. Although most relocation service providers avoid cash transactions, they should offer you various payment options like credit/debit cards, cheques, wire transfers, and e-wallets.

Packers and movers are trained to handle and transport your items with care, saving you the stress and labour of doing it yourself. Before you choose one of these service providers, check their history, reviews, and quotations. Always ask for their terms and conditions and quotations in writing to avoid future hassles.

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