How to Write an Essay about Your Trip to London

If you were lucky enough to visit London, why not write about it in your essay? You can use various approaches and storytelling techniques to create a picturesque and exciting story your professor will enjoy reading. So, what can you tell in the essay to make it great?

Read the requirements and collect information.

First, read the assignment carefully and ensure you have fully understood what the professor expects you to write in your essay. Note the number of words you must write and specific topics you must address. This information will be necessary in the planning stage. Some professors may ask you to write a reflective or informative essay, so you must consider that each type requires a different approach to the same topic.

If a lot of time has passed since the trip, you may need to do some research to recall the names of landmarks and places you have visited. Look at the photos and videos you’ve made during your trip to make the picture complete. If it’s hard for you to write an essay, get write my essay help from professional writers who will help you with essay content, structure, and format according to requirements.

Focus on a specific topic.

If your professor hasn’t specified what kind of experience you should tell in the essay, you have a room of ideas to choose from. Here, we have collected points you can focus on while writing to make your paper more interesting.

london eye attractions

  • Write about attractions. Describe a specific sightseeing experience or make a list of landmarks that captivated you the most. Maybe you have highly enjoyed visiting the British Museum, The London Eye, or Madame Tussauds? You can focus on a single scene or write about several attractions that impressed you the most. Describe it as detailed as possible so the reader can vividly imagine your experience.
  • Share tips for visiting London. This topic allows you to write about the best places to eat, museums to visit, and other places to see. You can also discuss transportation and further details that may be helpful for those who plan to visit London too.
  • “Why do I want to come back and see London again?” If you choose this topic, it will help you address the most touching points you have experienced during your trip, including people, culture, buildings, cuisine, and other things that have positively impressed you during your visit to London.
  • Share personal reflections. How has the trip impacted you personally? Maybe you have learned something new or gained new insights or perspectives on life. In your essay, you can discuss how this trip has shaped your view of travelling and how you may treat your future travel experiences.
  • Describe a challenging event. Don’t focus only on negative experiences; you can discuss them in your writing, as it’s also a part of your trip. You can write about problems with logistics, language barriers, weather variability, tourist scams, event cancellations, cultural differences, and other challenges to any tourist in London.
  • Share culinary experiences. Here, you can share your culinary adventures, tasting local cuisine and dishes you have tried. Have you ever tasted it before? What dish was the most memorable and why? If you know the history of a particular dish, share your knowledge in the essay to make it more attractive to the reader.

london food waffle

Make an outline (and stick to it!).

Every good essay writing starts with an outline. Take some time to develop a short plan for your future essay. Think about what experiences about your trip to London you will include and what attractions you wish to mention. Remember that a good piece will have an introduction, a main body (with paragraphs per one idea), and a conclusion. Here is a sample of a brief plan that you can use for won writing:

Topic: Why I Can't Wait to See London Again

Introduction. Write brief information about your trip. Why have you chosen London as a final destination? What was the purpose of your trip? Try to make the opening paragraph exciting and invite the reader to proceed to the next part.

Paragraph 1. Describing the London Eye and the charming view of the city and architecture.

Paragraph 2. Share gastronomic experiences and unique flavours of street food.

Paragraph 3. Reflect on your connection with the city, culture, and atmosphere.

Paragraph 4. Discuss the places you plan to explore if you will return to London and why.

Conclusion. Highlight the central experiences and explain to the reader why London is a must-visit city.

If you find writing the first draft too complicated and you will need an expert for help, read an Essayshark review to ensure your work is in good hands. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed, and trust professional writers to get a quality paper.

Edit and proofread your text.

When the first draft of your masterpiece is ready, take some time to reread and edit it. Along with grammar and punctuation, make sure you correctly write the names of attractions and historical places. Ensure you hit the required word limit and all your ideas sound clear.

Writing an essay about your trip to London may be a great way to reflect on your experiences and capture your memories in written form. We hope our guide will help you easily share your adventures in London with others.