8 Ideas for Students to Work Over the Summer in the UK

Summer holidays are without a doubt the annual highlight for many students. while some have vacations planned and relatives to visit, many students have no idea of what to do with the holiday.

Although my main aim over the summer is to write my dissertation, I also find summer a great time to make an extra buck for the subsequent semester. Here, we will highlight some summer work ideas for students to help them brainstorm and settle for a fun gig over the summer.

1.     Landscaping

If you draw fun from transforming lawns into picturesque mini gardens, landscaping is an idea you ought to consider. Besides mowing lawns, you can offer services including planting flowers and trimming existing hedges into amazing patterns. 

Landscaping is estimated to reel in an average of £14 hourly; thus, a worthy niche provided you get a regular flow of work. 

2.     Life-Guarding

It is no doubt that your local swimming pool will be flooding with people looking to soak in water and combat the summer heat. For this, the demand for lifeguards in summer is usually at its peak. 

If you are an experienced lifeguard, consider enrolling for a position in various pools. Besides saving lives, you get to interact with a wide range of people, and also offer some swimming lessons along the way.

3.     Babysitting

Another great way to spend your time over the summer is by offering babysitting services. Unlike other options, these opportunities are easier to land provided you have a reputable profile on a babysitting app. Like all other options, however, we recommend that you only select to babysit if you are fond of babies. 

4.     Food Delivery

Food delivery is yet another great work idea for students. unlike many employment opportunities, food delivery requires little in the way of experience and capital to get started. Also, delivery offers good pay with the potential of tips on timely deliveries. 

5.     Freelancing

Freelancing is a convenient way to make money as it allows you to work from any area you fancy. Also, freelancing does not require any experience. If you are looking to exploit your skills as a freelancer, enrol on any freelancing site and establish a profile that captures the essence of the services you offer. 

6.     Blogging

Blogging is a close cousin to freelancing. Unlike the former, however, blogging is an investment and may take time to reach fruition. However, blogging offers you recurrent payments as you share your ideas within your field of expertise. 

You could also opt to spend the summer flipping blogs. Here, buy blogs that are running poorly and transform them into their maximum potential. However, ensure that you are skilled in managing a blog; otherwise, you risk losing your time and monetary investment. 

7.     Paid Internships

An internship is an excellent addition to your professional pursuit. Besides improving your CV, internships offer you a taste of various fields within your career, allowing you to make informed choices. 

Internships also serve as great sessions for networking with professionals that could guide you and assist you in the latter stages of your career. 

8.     Photography

The warm embrace of summer comes with a wide range of events and people looking to savour important moments. For this, you could monetize your photography skills and organize sessions and events to expand your earnings. Also, consider diversifying your skills and linking with a partner to offer video shooting services. 

Your summer holiday may prove a great opportunity to make an extra buck for the subsequent semester. These job ideas should guide your selection, helping you overcome the competition and make the most of your holiday.