Hiring a Salesforce Developer in Europe

An old-age mantra, “The Customer is King,” is one of the golden rules of sales and marketing. Keeping your customers happy can eventually lead to increased profits. One of the best ways to improve customer retention and customer experience is by establishing CRM - customer relationship management platforms. Many organizations now realize that CRM plays a vital role in delighting and serving customers and their growth and success.

Many companies choose to use Salesforce CRM. However, the customization and implementation process might be overwhelming. Even though the Salesforce as a Service model doesn’t need an extensive IT resource to work efficiently, businesses still need expert knowledge. And that’s where a Salesforce Consulting Company can create the difference between chaos and Salesforce CRM efficiency.

In a CareerBuilder research study, it averagely costs about $15000 for a bad hire. And to make it worse, a staggering two-thirds of employees reported that they soon found out that a new job was a poor fit for them. Do you think you can afford this kind of employee attrition when hiring a Salesforce developer? We don’t think so. For that reason, here are things to keep in mind while hiring a Salesforce developer in Europe.

Salesforce Developer Certification

Many people call themselves Salesforce developers or Salesforce experts. However, it would help to keep in mind that hiring a genuine developer with a valid Salesforce Developer certification is essential.

A Salesforce certification acts as an approval stamp so that when you hire them, you have a quality assurance Salesforce service for your business. Certified and experienced professionals will most likely focus intensely on your business needs, provide after-project support and resolve your business challenges in a timely and effective way.

Examples of major Salesforce developer certifications include:

- Salesforce Platform App Builder - a certification course that helps you learn to use APIs and pre-built functions on Force.com that help create custom applications

- Salesforce Platform Developer I - a certification course that helps you learn to build custom applications for Salesforce platforms through the Visualforce user interface (UI) framework and Apex programming language

- Salesforce Platform Developer II - a certification that helps learn to leverage advanced Salesforce platform programmatic capabilities and data modelling. It also includes UIs in applications and more complex business logic.

Other certifications might also include:

- Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
- Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer
- Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I

Empathy for the Business

An ideal Salesforce developer should empathize with the business. It wouldn’t be helpful if they told your company how they’d change the processes. They’ll have to present you with plans that fit the vision and ideals of your business.

They’ll have to understand the business needs from your perspective and use your brand knowledge about their aspirations to create an appealing plan. For example, if you want to attract new demographics for your products, you can show how a Salesforce strategy or implementation might appeal to the target market.

When hiring your Salesforce developer, it would be best to ask questions to assess their empathy levels. Not only will empathy help them in their social relationships, but it can also determine their success, which includes their ability to handle challenging tasks effectively and help others engage and motivate.

Salesforce Soft/Communication Skills

This soft skill can be the vital differentiator between an average Salesforce developer and a competitive one. Besides their technical and business management skills, it would help if Salesforce developers had these soft skills:

Communication Skills

The Sales Developer needs to ask the right questions and effectively interpret the client’s needs. It would be best if they understood the reason behind a request to address the problem effectively before they code.

Desire to Learn

Salesforce keeps developing constantly. In every quarterly release, Salesforce continuously improves its system and the user experience. It would be ideal if developers followed suit with this principle of rapid continuous growth. And they should also be adaptable and agile to new technologies and ways of working.

Analytical Mindset

Developers have to understand how businesses will use and analyze their solutions and all the required business outcomes. They should be passionate about long-term code quality that requires a test-driven design approach. They need to understand the various potential business outcomes.

Solution Focused

Salesforce developers must understand your business to ensure that solutions allow users to do their jobs or solve their problems effectively. Your business objective should be the driver of how and what you build the solution.

Willingness to Help

You cannot underestimate the value of a Salesforce Developer. Nevertheless, it’s for this reason that they work to uplift those around them, whether they are in a leadership position.

Developing a better team will not only help you improve the product you are building, but it will also allow you to focus more of your time on tasks that have higher value, which will make you a better developer long-term.

It would be a challenge to fulfil these requirements unless the developer has strong communication skills.

Simplicity Matters

Most people are unaware of how complex the programming language is. Great Salesforce developers are aware of this and know how to communicate complex concepts and problems so that the rest of their company understands what is and isn’t working - they can explain things.

It is common for developers not to understand the interpersonal skill of translation, believing they are just responsible for ensuring they meet their deliverables. However, translating when something is working, and helping the company assess whether the application will help meet objectives, is vital to success.

Implementation Methodologies

Understanding a Salesforce developer's approach to implementation is crucial in the hiring process. Agile-based incremental delivery ensures that your project stays on track and within budget by accounting for phases and iterations.

The Salesforce developer and your team can collaborate effectively, which often leads to better results. For example, you can ask them what tools they use for prototyping and flowcharting. It’s probably a good idea to choose another developer if they’re unable to provide specifics.

You understand that the world out there is competitive, and Salesforce can help you stay ahead of the curve.

That is why you should work with a Salesforce developer who knows how to do what they do well. Keep the above things in mind while hiring a Salesforce Developer in London, Europe, and beyond, and you’ll ensure your business’s success.

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