Best London Jewellery Shopping Hotspots

London is home to so many amazing shops, many of which are stunning jewellery shops! If you want to pick up a special memento of your time in London, you’re in the right place, as we’re introducing the best jewellery shopping hotspots in London.

Whether you want a vintage piece, an affordable market piece, something quirky, or classically British, we have the shops for you. So, get ready to plan your shopping spree across the city with these four hotspots. 

Hatton Garden

First up we have Hatton Garden, one of the most famous jewellery quarters in the UK, if not in the world. This street is lined with over 300 jewellers of all kinds, from family-run vintage jewellers dating back hundreds of years to modern jewellers.

This street embodies pure luxury, with some of the world's rarest gemstones being held here, with many of the shops having pieces worth upwards of £300,000 in their vaults. This historic street is worth visiting even if you aren’t wanting to spend, as the window shopping is truly one of a kind.

You will also find a few coffee shops around the street, so you can stop off between all of the shopping. Many of these jewellers are family-run, so go above and beyond for their customers, offering things like lifelong cleaning with any purchase. 

Broadway Market, Hackney

For something a bit more cheap and cheerful, head to Broadway Market in Hackney. This is a stunning market with everything you could need, from fresh fruit and vegetables and food stalls to fresh drinks, clothes, and most importantly; jewellery!

You will find homemade jewellery that is so unique from small businesses, so you know that you will be doing something good when you are purchasing. Every bit of jewellery will be different, so if you like your jewellery to be unique, this is the direction to go in. 

Marylebone High Street

Next up we have Marylebone High Street, which is home to some beautiful mid-price range shops where they aren’t cheap but also not near your very high-end jewellers. Here you will find more contemporary jewellery options as well as some more unique choices, like tragus earrings or delicate layering necklaces.

You will still find your gemstones and precious metals, but just with a slightly more modern twist. You’re also surrounded by wonderful bars and restaurants if you need some refreshments throughout the day! 

Connaught Village

Last but not least we have Connaught Village, which is just by Hyde Park, where you will come across a range of stunning independent retailers selling luxury products. Many of the shops have pastel fronts, so as well as finding a wide variety of jewellery, you can take some beautiful photos of the quaint shops and stunning streets of London.

From some stores that have been open for over 100 years to others that are very new, you will get to experience a bit of everything when it comes to jewellery in Connaught Village, so it’s definitely worth a visit, especially considering how central it is!