London Trio Guardsman, Beefeater & Policeman Magnet

Introducing our quintessentially British souvenir fridge magnet, a delightful homage to London's iconic figures! Crafted with meticulous detail and vibrant colors, this magnet features a charming rubber-cut design showcasing three emblematic guardians of London: the Guardsman, the Beefeater, and the Policeman.

Standing tall and proud, the Guardsman represents the royal sentinels of Buckingham Palace, dressed immaculately in his traditional red tunic and bearskin hat. Next to him, the Beefeater, adorned in his distinctive Yeoman Warder uniform, adds a touch of regal elegance with his iconic black and red attire, symbolizing the Tower of London's rich history and heritage. And of course, no London scene would be complete without the reassuring presence of the Policeman, depicted in his classic blue uniform, standing ever-vigilant to uphold law and order on the bustling streets of the capital.

This high-quality magnet is not just a charming decorative piece but also a delightful memento of London's cultural tapestry. Whether adorning your fridge, locker, or any magnetic surface, it serves as a reminder of the charm and history of England's capital city. Add a touch of British flair to your surroundings or gift it to a friend, capturing the essence of London in a single, iconic souvenir. Bring home a piece of London's charm today with our Guardsman, Beefeater, and Policeman souvenir fridge magnet!

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