London Bus Compressed Travel Towel

This London Bus compressed travel towel is your ultimate companion for on-the-go adventures! Crafted with a blend of 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton, this towel combines the quick-drying properties of polyester with the softness and durability of cotton, ensuring comfort and convenience wherever your travels take you.

Measuring a compact 30cm in height and 30cm in width, this towel is designed to fit snugly into your bag or pocket without taking up much space. But here's the real magic – despite its generous dimensions, this towel comes compressed down to an incredibly compact size of just 1.5x6x9.5cm, making it perfect for travellers, backpackers, gym enthusiasts, and anyone else on the move.

Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of London or embarking on a hiking adventure in the countryside, our London bus compressed travel towel is here to keep you fresh and dry. Say goodbye to bulky towels that weigh you down – with this innovative design, you'll enjoy the luxury of an absorbent towel in a fraction of the space. Grab yours today and experience the convenience of compact travel without compromising on comfort.

  • Material: 60% Polyester, 40% Cotton
  • Towel Dimensions: Height 30cm Width 30cm
  • Compressed size: 1.5x6x9.5cm
Width: 30.0 Height: 30.0 cm
Width: 11.81 Height: 11.81 inch
Item Code: towel01
£2.49Save £0.40
£2.09 (US$2.65)

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